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Arduino DCC 15 Servo Decoder Project

Petr Šídlo has been working on an Arduino DCC 15 Servo Decoder project for a while and has posted information about the project here (in Czech) but Google Translate does a pretty good job…

Here’s a YouTube video of it in operation.


NmraDcc Library updated to version 1.3.0

The NmraDcc library has been updated to version 1.3.0 and contains the following significant changes:

  • Thanks to Franz-Peter Müller the core DCC decoding logic no longer uses the Timer0 Compare Match B interrupt and only relies on the INTx External Hardware Interrupt and the micros() library call for DCC signal decoding. This will make the library much more portable to other non-AVR platforms in the future.

  • Geoff Bunza’s SMA examples have been updated to version 5.1

You can now install or update this library from within the Arduino IDE Library Manager by searching for “dcc”

Arduino based LocoNet Sound Module

Recently I became aware of a cool Arduino LocoNet project that controls a MP3 Sound Shield. Checkout the YouTube Video below and read more about the Club Escala N Caldes LocoNet projects here:



DCC Accessory Decoder Driving up to 16 Relays

WP_20160313_001Petr Šídlo has posted an article describing a DCC Accessory Decoder that can drive up to 16 relays on his website here. It’s written in Czech language but Google Translate does a pretty good job…


NmraDcc MultiFunction Decoder Library Updated

17-Function DCC Decoder

17-Function DCC Decoder

If you’ve been following Geoff Bunza’s Scale Model Animation Blog on the MRH website, you’ll find several projects SMA-10, SMA-12, SMA-13 that use the NmraDcc library.

Geoff ‘s projects needed support for mobile decoder functions 13..28, but that was not supported by the library, so he had to add a work-around. This needed support has now been added to the NmraDcc library and all of Geoff’s decoder variations have been added to the examples folder.

The latest version of the library can be downloaded from here.

Thanks for all the good work Geoff.