Several articles and blog posts have been written about using the NMRA DCC Decoder library and you can access them directly from this page.

17 Function DCC Decoder

GeoffBunzaGeoff Bunza wrote a series of articles about building some DCC Decoders on Geoff Bunza’s Scale Model Animation Blog and here are the direct links:

SMA20: Low Cost 17 Channel DCC Decoders Ver 6.0 with Sound,Triggered Sound,Stepper,Dual Motor,LED and Servo Control

SMA15: New Dual Acessory-Multifunctionl 17 Channel Configurable DCC Decoders for about $5 with Configurable Servo Support

SMA 13 – Update to the 17 Pin Configurable Multi Function Decoder / Accessory Decoder Version Added

SMA12 – 17 Channel Configurable Multifunction $5 DCC Decoder For Servos

SMA10 – Build a 17-Function DCC Decoder for about $5


17 Function configurable decoder: servos, stepper, LEDs, & sound



A detailed construction article also appeared in the on-line magazine:

Model Railroader Hobbyist, March 2017, p.204, DCC projects using the Arduino



Mark Riddoch has written an article Servos, DCC & Arduinos. It first appeared in the MERG Journal – June 2015 Vol 49 No. 2 and is also made available here with Mark’s permission.



Petr Šídlo has posted an article describing a DCC Accessory Decoder that can drive up to 16 relays on his website here. It’s written in Czech language but Google Translate does a pretty good job…