Animated Switching Layout

Fred Miller, MMR has created an amazing Animated DCC Switching Layout that is fully controlled by Arduino’s and is described in an article: N-Scale Animation Project he’s written. He explains how the different aspects work and provides detailed instructions on how you can construct your own modules. He’s also created some YouTube videos showing the…

Arduino Pro Mini Fast Clock

NCE Cab Bus Fast Clock

Dave Lowe has use the new Arduino NceCabBus library to build a Fast Clock that displays the time on an Adafruit 7-Segment LED Display. His code has been added to the examples as “FastClock-ProMini-4×7-Segment” and demonstrates how easily this project can be realised.

NCE Cab Bus Supported!!!

While I don’t own any NCE DCC equipment, it always seemed odd to me that over the years nobody seems to have done much in the way of DIY projects for the NCE Cab Bus. Recently I found a few throttle projects but there weren’t any Arduino Libraries available to make DIY easier. Well, a…

Arduino based – Level Crossing Control – by John Cornell

Inspired by some of some of Geoff Bunza’s work, John Cornell used an Arduino Uno to control level crossing (grade-crossing) booms and LED flashers. The details of John’s project are described below.

The booms are controlled by small servo-motors. Occupation detection is done via a simple circuit using a small toroidal transformer to detect the DCC feed to the track, in a block extending either side of the crossing. The occupation detection circuit and the Arduino are powered directly from the track as well.

Details of the project are shown below – enjoy!

John Cornell

Arduino DCC 15 Servo Decoder Project

Petr Šídlo has been working on an Arduino DCC 15 Servo Decoder project for a while and has posted information about the project here (in Czech) but Google Translate does a pretty good job… Here’s a YouTube video of it in operation.  

NmraDcc Library updated to version 1.3.0

The NmraDcc library has been updated to version 1.3.0 and contains the following significant changes: Thanks to Franz-Peter Müller the core DCC decoding logic no longer uses the Timer0 Compare Match B interrupt and only relies on the INTx External Hardware Interrupt and the micros() library call for DCC signal decoding. This will make the library much more portable to…