Arduino based – Level Crossing Control – by John Cornell

Inspired by some of some of Geoff Bunza’s work, John Cornell used an Arduino Uno to control level crossing (grade-crossing) booms and LED flashers. The details of John’s project are described below.

The booms are controlled by small servo-motors. Occupation detection is done via a simple circuit using a small toroidal transformer to detect the DCC feed to the track, in a block extending either side of the crossing. The occupation detection circuit and the Arduino are powered directly from the track as well.

Details of the project are shown below – enjoy!

John Cornell

Arduino DCC 15 Servo Decoder Project

Petr Šídlo has been working on an Arduino DCC 15 Servo Decoder project for a while and has posted information about the project here (in Czech) but Google Translate does a pretty good job… Here’s a YouTube video of it in operation.