NCE Cab Bus Supported!!!

While I don’t own any NCE DCC equipment, it always seemed odd to me that over the years nobody seems to have done much in the way of DIY projects for the NCE Cab Bus. Recently I found a few throttle projects but there weren’t any Arduino Libraries available to make DIY easier.

Well, a few weeks ago I borrowed some NCE equipment and started coding and now I’m pleased to announce a new MRRwA Library (NceCabBus) for developing NCE Cab Bus devices is finally here and supports developing:

  • Throttles (with or without a Display)
  • Auxiliary Input Unit (AIU)
  • FastClock Display

The library is hosted on GitHub here: and is also available directly in the Arduino IDE Library Manager – search for NceCabBus.

There are more details on the NCE Interface Page including RS485 interfacing details and some more pictures.

Special thanks to feedback from David Lowe who helped with testing and provided feedback on usability.