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Moved to GitHub & Supports Arduino IDE: Manage Libraries


Bot Thoughts – ATTiny84 Development Board

The MRRwA Project source code has been moved from the single SVN Repository on SourceForge into separate GitHub repositories. They have also had the appropriate Arduino IDE files added to enable operation with the new Arduino Manage Libraries… & Add .ZIP Library… features. More details can be found here.

The LocoNet library now supports the AVR ATTiny84 and ATMega32U4 processors.


Slow, but Sure Progress…

While I’ve not had much to post about or new releases to the libraries over this last year, there have been changes going on slowly in the background (when I get a few hours to dedicate to it) from time to time, as I do have a few small projects in the works that need new capabilities. The things I’ve been working on are:

  1. I’ve got the DCC library working with the AVR Tiny 85 processor to use as a signal decoder. I had a friend design a small Signal Decoder PCB for driving 4 LEDs. I’ve not got the LED PWM dimming all sorted yet, but it should be nice once I do…
  2. There’s also some work being done to provide support for the LocoNet SV and LocoNet CV protocols. This will let me port my LocoBOD project to the Arduino environment.

Hopefully in a few months I’ll have these projects working, so keep an eye out for another update… 😉

Important Bug-Fix Update to NmraDcc Library

IMPORTANT: I introduced a major bug with the NmraDcc library when I added the Mega 1280/2560 support as it broke the Mega168 support and it took me hours to figure out why my code, that has worked for years, suddenly stopped working on my Mega168 dev board.

To work around the problem of how best to support multiple AVR MPUs, I have refactored the library to add a new pin() method that lets you explicitly define the External Interrupt (INTx), the associated Arduino Pin to use and to enable the Pull-up or not. I’ve updated the example to show the new usage.

If you’re using the NmraDcc library and you sketch has suddenly stopped working after you updated to the 2012-06-10 release, you should download the update from here and not use the 2012-06-10 release.

LocoNet Throttle and Mega 1280/2560 Support Added

LocoNet Throttle Terminal

LocoNet Throttle Terminal example sketch screenshot

A new version of the library is now available to download as a ZIP file in the downloads section: REMOVED due to a major bug.

This version includes:

  • Support the Mega1280/2560 in the NmraDcc library
  • Support for LocoNet Throttles has been added to the LocoNet library and a new LocoNetThrottle example has been added that demonstrates a simple throttle using a ANSI Serial Terminal Emulator like Putty.

MRRwA library updated for Arduino 1.0

The library has been updated to allow it to be used with Arduino 0022 and Arduino 1.0 and is now available to download as a ZIP file in the downloads section: here.

Enjoy and “Happy New Year!!!”